Friday, March 25, 2011

Sale is ON | See What I Mean???

The Fire Divas Sale is ON! It's our first EVER Customer Appreciation Sale! I would repost all the details here but there were a few kinks in the Diva blog...Blogger was puking strange code and some links were missing...'s a fluid thing. We'll get it worked out real soon. But in the meantime...check the Diva Blog!

Just remember, MY FANS get an extra secret discount! Codes in the fan page! Don't you want to join my fan page??? ;0)

And... I mentioned my learning curve on my new fancy schmancy camera. I blogged about this piece on was a prize for a contest there. 

The pic above was taken with my old piece of junk. And what wondrous photo did I take with Mr. Fancy Schmancy??? This one:

Oy... Lots to learn! 

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