Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tree of Life

I totally forgot to blog about my entry (Yay! I finished on time!) to last month's Art Bead Scene! This was inspired by Klimt's Tree of Life Painting.

ABOUT THE BEAD: I pictured the bead in my head immediately but Klimpt's work inspires me like that. The glass bead came out even prettier than I'd expected!
ABOUT THE NECKLACE: I lucked out and found a bowl full of threaded e beads ready to crochet! I sort of wish the pattern was a bit more random with this bead as the focal but... I wasn't about to restring! The five bead pattern whipped up in under a week.
I knew I wanted copper findings and was THRILLED to find the little tree branch motif toggle in my stash! It's sewn on the ends with copper bead caps.
But that's where my luck ran out. This bead had holes a little bigger than I would have liked and I had no copper molded caps so I tarnished sterling ones which, in the end, matched the metallic limbs of the tree branches.
I like jewelry that can be interchanged... different drops, plain or fancy and I knew I wanted to be able to wear the crochet alone or with other beads. I shaped 16 gauge copper on a sharpie and spiraled it onto the crochet cord.
When I wire wrapped my bead - also on 16 g. copper, I wrapped a tarnished silver giant lobster on to the pendant. This way I can wear whatever pendant strikes my fancy with my crochet necklace!

tree of life1 by HollysFollyGlass

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Regina said...

It is beautiful, love the focal bead. It is all lovely the way you have completed it, I would not change a thing.