Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just for Me

I have LONG admired one of my own earring designs but, busy dingbat that I am, would you believe I've never made a pair for myself???

My bestie has these in hot pink and they look so good on her. I often start to compliment her when some part of my brain snaps in and says, "Hey! I made those!"  I have another friend with purple ones and still another with denim blue ones. This design just looks so good - if I do say so myself!

But I wanted mine in my favorite color of "mood glass." And when I taught my holiday earring class recently, I decided to demo with a set that I could keep. As my luck goes, I didn't have the tiny crystals I like to use on the sides but I ended up liking the big crystals too.

So what's my favorite color??? It's called Rhubarb and it's made by Bullseye Glass. I adore it because it changes color depending on the light.

If the lighting source is fluorescent, they are green:

In daylight, they are kind of gray:

And incandescent lights turn them pinky peach:

I use Swarovski crystals in cantaloupe as their color mimics the same properties. I just love my new earrings.

I should mention, I have glass bead kits in all sorts of colors and will entertain remakes!

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