Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Small Favor or Two...

Yes, this is a rare Sunday post but... my sister is coming Wednesday and I intend to have some serious play time including... going to see Dancing with the Stars LIVE next week for my sister's birthday!!! It will be a night to remember!!! So... I may be a bit scarce while she's here. But I do have lots of beady news to share this week before she gets here... so please check in  to see some glass bead goodness!

But today, I have two favors to ask.

1) One of my hiking buddies has a picture entered in the Fury Tails contest. And since she's not a "famous" dog blogger and since I took the picture of her amazing heart shaped bottom, I would love it if you would vote for her. Ruby is #26.

2) If you haven't checked out the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge... OH! Please do! The eye candy is amazing! I seriously love every entry!!! And if you could take a second to vote on the right side of their blog... that would be awesome!!!

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