Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giving It Away

I joined one of "those" websites this week. You know the type... they promise to get your name and your shop "out there." While I do like the concept of socializing online with artists from other mediums... let's face it - the glassy peeps I prefer hang out with really have no need to BUY beads. I hoped this might present other selling opportunities.

But I quickly realized I had made a mistake. I imported this blog there - which I really gave little thought to. Until, I got an email that one of my blogs was featured on their site. I clicked the link and found MY words, MY work slathered with google ads with NO reference back to THIS site.

Um, excuse me but if anyone is going to slather MY works, beads and jewelry with google ads... it's going to be ME! As an artist, I work SO hard for every PENNY I make, and for this site to come in and take that away with NO link back... SUCKS! My words and images are for ME to make a living, not some other person!

I do feel very strongly about this. When I first started blogging over on Creekhiker, within a few months a website was stealing my content. I was so ticked off, every blog post started with this paragraph:
 BITACLE.ORG steals content. JESUS GLEZ is a THIEF. If you are reading this post on BITACLE.ORG, you are supporting theft of intellectual property. This post was written and copyrighted by CREEKHIKER, who has not given consent for material to be reproduced. Please visit CREEKHIKER to enjoy this content LEGALLY.
If you want to know why this message is in every post, read this post.

Bitacle is now out of business. As a writer and an artist... all I have to offer is the intellectual property that spills out of MY brain. And since I'm not making much of a living, I sell ad space on my blogs. For someone to steal that... is WRONG! But in this case, I gave that right away... and just as quickly took it back!

Don't give your words away. Don't loan your images unless YOU get something real and tangible in return. Learn from my mistake!

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vonna said...

I didn't know that Holly! I am so going to have to check this out.. You have a beautiful heart and soul Holly did anyone tell you that today.