Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enchanting Elements

Another post on some really fabulous artists that could use some love, hearts and sales!

Meet Laurie Whitney of Mermaid Glass. Laurie is a versatile glass artist making lovely and elegant focals as well as more whimsical pieces. Isn't this focal pretty???

As for whimsy, my days on Carol Duvall make me nostalgic for this Sock Monkey:
Laurie also makes jewelry, garden glass art and even teaches. Mermaid Glass on Etsy. Laurie's blog is The Mermaid Tale and her main website is Mermaid Glass.

Our second artist today is Stephanie Vinson of Stephanie K Naturals. Stephanie sells all natural fragrance and body products - no harsh chemicals to give you a headache. She creates her own blends such as Bergamont Lime and Cypress Sage.

Check out Green Sun Perfume Oil:

Or her pure Peppermint Lavender massage oil:

Stephanie's Etsy is HERE. And her main website is HERE.

Next, is Darleen Michael Baker. Darleen is a politically impassioned friend from Fire Divas. And she makes lovely set of lampwork. I admire her precision with sizing! Here's a set in my favorite colors:
Wouldn't this set make a gorgeous bracelet for Halloween???

Darleen's Etsy is HERE.

Please know that these are fantastic and reputable artists. ALL have excellent feedback and reputations. Let's all support the true artists among us!

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StephanieK said...

Thank you so much for this lovely blog! It is very encouraging to have support like this during this time! Thank you!