Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Color of the Year

is....Yellow??? Ick! I am SO not a yellow fan...maybe because it makes my ruddy Irish skin look like warm death. My mother, with her American Indian / Black Irish coloring - skin that tans beautifully in a heartbeat, jet black hair and dark, mysterious eyes - looks stunning in yellow. So I guess it is somebody's color.

The Color Association of the United States declared Yellow the color of the year and cites influences such as "Slumdog Millionaire" and the fact that hope is associated with the color. And, this country certainly needs a little hope!

I am happy that the shade of yellow selected by Pantone is a bit more goldenrod than a true pale yellow.
Let's take another look at the colors for the coming Fall / Winter Season...Beadmakers, are your stores stocked??
Here's a few yellow selections from my 1000 Markets and Etsy shops:

Crochet Neclace with detachable focal:

Pinky - really, a yellow off mandrel heart (She was shouting her name when I opened the kiln!)

Sunny Day at the Beach:


Eileen said...

what's with the shopper ad...

yellow is not my fav either...must be bright and bold for me to wear it...

CreekHiker said...

Eileen, Google has started adding the animated ads recently... weird but it makes me a few pennies every few years! LOL!