Thursday, August 20, 2009

Devine Design

More artists that could use a little love with all that is going on in this big old nasty world. Please show them some love, heart their shops and visit often, and, if you can, buy something.

Isn't this bottle stopper from Lakeside Lampwork just luscious? Wouldn't it make the loveliest holiday gift for someone you need to impress.

And this boro set is so vibrant and pretty!
Check out Lakeside Lampwork on Etsy for more wonderful glass beads!

Next up, we have LenorasDesigns. Lenora is a master where I'm a disaster! Just look at her dots!!!! This red bead is mesmerizing!!!

But, you know me... I gotta drool over the purple! Excuse me while I pick up my chin!

Check out more of Lenora's work (and find your favorite color in dots!) in her Etsy shop!

Our final artist for today is Betsymn. I've spoken about my passion for silvered ivory before...but look at what Betsy does with it! I adore this Aurae and silvered ivory combo:

Or check out this version with a ruby base.... stunning!

Betsymn has lots more wonderful beads in her Etsy shop.

Please check out these wonderful shops and stunning artisan made beads!

All photos copyrighted by the respective artists and used with permission.


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Gorgeous! One shop already had my heart, and now two more do! Just beautiful!

Eileen said...

did i miss something?...

beautiful work...omg...look at those dots...