Monday, November 16, 2015


Sales have been slow and I haven't been posting a lot. Working a lot with the special kids I adore and managing to get REALLY sick. 103 degree fever sick. Too cold and windy to make beads even if my nasty shoulder would behave...

But I did make these recently:

These three long skinny beads got stuck on the mandrel and thanks to the Lampworking Tips and Techniques group on Facebook, they were saved!! Someone recommended soaking in vinegar... I tossed in some baking soda just for kicks... The next morning, they slid off!

I posted a thank you in the group and a friend posted a group grouping of beads that had been stuck for over a year...that all came off!

Trying to decide if I should have my annual 1st weekend in December trunk show ...don't have much jewelry on hand, but plenty of beads on hand!

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