Monday, March 2, 2015

Fresh Glass 3.2.15

It's been pretty quiet around here and it's about to get quieter! I'm taking an open ended teaching assignment. It could be over quick or could last for up to a month! I have to plan for a month - cause that just how my brain works. And I fear this will be a creative desert time for me... UGH...but as creativity doesn't pay the bills around here, what else is there to do??

I missed a Fresh Glass post as I was in a hurry to get to the post office with them but I'll try and get those up this week.

These were taken on my phone... eh...
Here we have two "I'm so sick of all the blue and green stringers in my work area" beads. The 1" lentil managed to score some Arke unbeknownst to me! It shimmers!!!

And two regular sized moonwalks in my Uptown Girl Series... Man to I ever appreciate the artists working in this shape! It's FAR MORE tedious than the XL size!!! And takes just as long to perfect! Geez! NOT in love with this and I still have to make three more to have a set!

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