Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still Chugging Along

Happy New Year! I'm still chugging along... In case you haven't heard, no surgery for me. Mom brought me a mild swine flu for the holidays! No surgery for the congested one! And I've been home for so long with no work... I can't take any more time off. So, six more months of pain for me!

In the good news department, I'm now helping out with a new Facebook Sales Group: Glass Beads for Sale. More about that later.

I actually sold this crystal breast cancer goddess there.  I don't know that I would have chosen the pink crystals on my own...but the customer wanted them and in the end, I really liked them. I was trying to pick out a necklace here... we went with the one to the right of the bead.

Here's a close up... I love the little butterfly at the bottom.
 Anyway, most days you can find three or four of my listings on Facebook. When I'm not teaching and have time, I link to the them from the fan page.

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