Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's Been a While | Fresh Glass

For those of you who don't follow the Creekhiker blog, I did not have surgery. My precious 91 year old mom came for Christmas and packed the swine flu. Even though we both had the shot, she got very sick and I was sick enough, my doc said, "No surgery for you!"

I've spent December recovering, and just relaxing a bit after Mom left. Then school started and I've been on the run... Between teaching, earlier hiking hours, the winter blahs and listing beads on Facebook... There has been precious little torch time. But I did have a few sessions.

I was playing with the black lace technique here. A bit disappointed as teal is too dark of a base for this technique.... I was supposed to make more today with a lighter glass. I just came in from torching and realized, I forgot! I fell like I've got some kind of old lady mental slippage going on! Oh and taxes... Taxes always give me brain fog. But as I've got to hire a new accountant this year, I'm determined to finish sooner than in previous years.

I wonder if I'll get this heart posted anywhere before Valentine's Day??

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