Friday, February 28, 2014

Holy Crap Batman! Somebody's OLD!

OMD! (That's Oh my dog for you non-dog bloggers!) I almost forgot my birthday! And... the biggest sale of the year that I use to clean out my inventory!!!

It's a BIG birthday for me. As I told my bestie... "don't be lookin' for me!" I like to hide on my birthday and just do things I like to do with no one around to please but me! Since my new job is looming... I may just hide in my house with the phones and internets off! One last cuddle day with the pupster before I leave the realm of "work at home dog mommy" for the world of "mommy actually gets paid for work but she has to leave the house!" So not looking forward to that but... having actual money again will be nice!

But back to the birthday sale!  You can save 39% off my handmade glass beads and jewelry on my website through my birthday March 3. Just check out using code Birthdayfan39. This coupon is also valid on my Etsy shop.

Da Fine Print:
  • Minimum Purchase $10
  • No Made to Order
  • No Free Beads Gift Certs
  • You may save on bead but if you need me to wire wrap, that is charged at full price.
  • Not valid on my class tools / ebeads / Kumihimo supplies or Rubber Stamps for Jewelry. 
I never do a bigger discount that I do at my birthday so... stock up and save!!!

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