Monday, January 27, 2014

Custom Work Keeping Me Busy

Good Morning! My wire work class at Glendale College was AWESOME this past Saturday! Everyone got it and made a lovely bracelet and earrings! It was such a fun group! And none had tried wire before! Eight new wire workers out in the world now!

These custom boobie pendants went to Sweden!

My 2nd bakery show was a bust. Zero sales. I had pre-arranged to sell an earring display, so by the time I paid my breakfast / lunch tab, I had a profit of $8. Well, I always thought my stuff was a little to ritzy for this area. But it was January...people are in shock paying off Christmas. There was almost NO promotion this time. It was cloudy and breezy. We had one less vendor so the sidewalk didn't look as full. I left early because my sinuses were killing me. It was an experiment. C'est la vie! I know I'm going to busy with weekend classes for the next several months so maybe I'll try again before Mother's Day.

I still feel good about it. I always share the show with the fan page for our local paper. This time, they showed up and took pics! And, asked me to write about my Memorial Glass Beads! So that's really good!

 Scenes from the Bakery Show

And I made significant progress on a bracelet I've been doodling with for years! 

I still have a couple of custom orders to wrap up and I'm waiting and waiting for the next steps in my "real job hunt." I'm told I just need the final hiring appointment but... no word as to when that will be. 8-/

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