Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fresh Glass 8.7.13

Just some torch experiments. I did make some super cool disk beads... but they need TWO annealing cycles... so they aren't ready yet!

In order from top to bottom... a prototype for a custom order. This is a logo for a one of my California sister's green real estate business... still some kinks to work out!

The middle one ... I like and may even sell but, I want to remake with specific colors. I was channeling two bead makers I admire: Tera Belinsky-Yoder who uses the same color palette almost always and Nina Eagle who always has such amazing color. Nina shared a bead that was a black barrel with lots of bright colors melted in... but they reminded me of hearts and I immediately know I wanted to try hearts...which are so ME in Tera's palette. But... I was lazy and didn't pull stringers. Next time, I will!

The final was a test for a new copper leaf I was sent... I just ADORE the blue background that comes when you case copper over white! And no... I did not have a plan for the rest of the bead.

Luckily, the Beads of Courage kids see perfection when I'm lacking!

Other than enjoying our cool weather and torching, I've been trying to get more teaching work... gotta pay bills. Sigh. And I feel a tutorial coming on! But life is just humming along.

Hope you all are doing well... Specials still going up on the Fan Page almost daily! This heart will be available there in a bit. Thanks, as always, for l@@king!