Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boobie Charm

A customer asked me for a boobie glass bead charm as a gift for a lactating coach. What a great use for the "odd boobs" in my collection! (I make MANY to create matching pairs and sometimes have between 5 and 10 in any one color that don't make a pair! I know; picky picky!)

 I really love how they came out and ended up creating a made to order listing on Etsy for them!

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Team Beaglebratz said...

Mom Kim here - I just popped over from the Chronicles of Woos (yep, I'm a doggy-mom too) and the name you left caught my eye. You do beautiful work and what you did for the boobie-charm is very creative. I looked through some of your pictures and love all the shapes, colors and the way you have put them together. I hope I remember to stop back by since I am at work right now and my online time is limited.
Mom Kim