Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Beads of Courage Necklace

Earlier this year, a member of the Beads of Courage Team asked me to make her name in glass. She said it didn't seem right that we use so many glass beads in the Beads of Courage projects but that the name beads were not glass. I made her name and my brain started stewing.... Why don't I make one for me to wear at our local Beads of Courage events???

And just like the cobbler's children with no shoes, the beadmaker is the last to get some beads! I originally started with an "L"... those of you who know me will understand. I do EVERYTHING bass ackwards! I read the last page of any book first; learned to crochet by making a king sized blanket instead of something small. Heck, I even started fusing when I really wanted a torch!

I knew I wanted something colorful and fun as kids are often at these events and purple is my favorite I made a matching "O" but then I realized I should make beads I LOVE.

Most of those are multilayered and colorful...hard to do in a precise press. But, I'm fairly happy with the results... except I hate the matchy matchy O and L! One of those will eventually GO!

The H was done in Kim Neely's Ether style. The first L is in the Rio Party Beads colors I've been toying with and the Y is in another silvered glass style.

The Beads of Courage disk, the NASA shuttle bead and Courage bead were all given to us by the Beads of Courage team for various events we've participated in.


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happyhannah said...

wow!!! those are sooo pretty!!!

i am a boc member, i love getting courage beads!!!!

thanks for helping boc,