Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inside My Jewelry Box: Sparkle

This is one of my most favorite pieces. It was the piece I entered into the recent Fire Diva's Bead Black Tie Bead Challenge.

I just love how this piece sparkles and shines and no, the photo doesn't do it justice. Truth be told, it was a bead I didn't feel comfortable selling as I noticed a hairline crack deep within this hollow upon cleaning. Which means I toss it or keep it for myself. Most all my jewelry is made from mistake beads...

So, knowing full well that crack could eventually break, I did a simple design with universal wraps of sterling wire and filled the hollow with tons of gorgeous Swarovski crystals and cubic zironias. This piece rattles and it shines... it's such an eye catcher.

And while most cameras never seem to capture blue accurately... this one is no exception.... it's in  my favorite denim / steel blue colors. A great way to dress up while dressing down!

Even with that crack... I've worn this piece for years, frequently banging it on table and desk tops. It's still glowing strong!

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rooee said...

Holly I can see why it is your favorite! It is just gorgeous. Love the story behind it too. :)