Monday, December 12, 2011

You Like Me!!

The number one question I've gotten since I started this series on Fan Pages is... How do you get them to like your page. It's rather elementary... You make it worth their while!

I openly tell people that my fans see my work first, they get first dibs on a sale and often get their own sales coupon codes  for extra percent off and / or free shipping. There are perks to being my fan!

Think about the fan pages YOU like... WHY do you like them??? Is there something they do to entice you? Maybe that would work for your fans... can you adapt their techniques??

But other than making it enticing, my best advice is point out you have a like button EVERYWHERE you are. Mention it on your sale receipts, business cards, show fliers, your blogs, your website, your shops and your personal Facebook page. Tweet about it once in a while... "Secret fan sale starts tomorrow (with a link to your fan page)."

The second most popular question I've gotten is - "What's your fan page?" REALLY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Do you not see the annoyingly large box to your right???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

That's called a Page Badge and getting one for your own fan page is pretty nifty and simple. Let's walk through that:

  1. Click here to create Facebook Badges
  2. Choose Page Badge.
  3. Choose your your blog host 
  4. The next page will give you widget options... which blog (if you host more than one), which page you want the widget to advertise (If you have more than one fan page), The title of the widget, the content (This is where I edit mine to say there are benefits to liking me... I also tweak the width here to fit into my three column format.)
  5. Click "Add Widget" and Viola! You have a like box page badge on your blog!
If you want to add that box to your personal site... just click OTHER on the Facebook Badge page, copy the html that appears in the box below and paste it where you need it.

So that takes care of your blog. But I'm often amazed at how many sellers I see on Artfire and Etsy that don't take advantage of the Fan Page Like buttons there.

Artfire, as always, makes it so simple. From the Tools tab in My Artfire, click on Market Hub. There you are allowed to fill in all the places people can find you: Blogs, personal sites, Etsy, Twitter, My Space and pages.

On Etsy, go to your account / settings. There you can fill in your Facebook fan page (or personal page) and your twitter.


Kathleen said...

Thanks for information... I keep meaning to add the like button to my blog....Tomorrow, I'll add it...

Lostlemonade said...

Very cool, Holly. I will update all my info. Don't know why I never thought about adding it to my fliers and postcards before. SMH is all I can say ^_^

Bella the Bead said...

Your tips are always soooo helpful!!! THANK YOU!!!

CalliopeCreations said...

I don't have facebook but this must be very helpful for those who do. You have a fun style of writing.

beautiful swag store said...

Thank you for this information! I definitely will have to put it to good use.

Susie Tenzer said...

good info, thanks

magdamagda fashion said...

I need to put a FB badge on my blog, thanks for the reminder!:)

Ruth said...

Definitely going to do this, thanks for the information :)

ElfRenee said...

Great information!

* said...

uniquecozytreasures- Very helpful information. Thanks!

MagicByLeah said...

Haha you're funny (did you not see the... ) That's a good idea though, letting people know that there will be a fan sale special. Have to try that. Thanks for sharing these great tips and ideas