Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fan Page Apps

The number one question I received after last week's post was how to get people to like your page.  I will cover that but first we have to finish decking out your fan page. Before they come, you have to build it!

You have to think of your fan page as another interactive website for your business. You want to give them a lot too look at and things to do (buy) while they are there.
 Keep photos of your latest work, new shops listing and even blog listings feeding to your page!

The easiest and best thing to do is work with the photo albums that come with your page. For my page, I know that I make lots of beads and occasionally jewelry and those items fall into specific categories: Glass Bead Sets, Under the Sea theme, Focals, Big Hole Beads, Sweet Treats and jewelry. So I create annual albums for those items. I don't want the albums to seem too long to discourage browsing.  But if you only make a few items you won't need so many. Maybe you make so much, you need monthly albums. However you organize them, these are my tips:
  • Try to keep 30 - 50 current photos per album.
  • Never list more than three photos at a time to avoid spamming your own page.
  • Always hit "Publish" when you are done for the last three photos to be visible in your wall feed. 
If you are looking to cut down on work, there are apps out there that feed your flickr uploads to your fan page. I have not tried them but some are highly reviewed

There are also apps that allow you to create custom tabs for your fan page. You can create a landing page, telling people about your business / products / you and encourage them to like you. If you know basic html or can deal with a WYSIWYG editor such as blogger, you can do this. TabFusion is one such free tab maker that is fairly straight forward and used by many high-end clients!

Additionally, you want to feed all your listings to your fan page. Having a steady flow of interesting content is KEY!  You should feed anything to do with your business that has an rss feed to your wall! There are MANY apps and third party sites that allow this.

For the Fire Divas fan page, we set up a twitterfeed account. We feed every team member's newest listings to our team twitter account, one per shop per hour. (You ARE feeding all your listings to your twitter automatically, right???)  As a team, we decided that many new listings was too spammy for our fan page however and we do not feed team listings there, choosing instead to manually post treasuries and collections that focus on the whole team.

But as an individual, I RARELY list more than three items per day on any of my sites combined... and my fan page is about ME... supposedly, my fans want to know what's new. So I do feed all new items to my personal fan page.

While twitterfeed is great to feed to twitter and to your personal page, it doesn't have the capability to feed to your fan page. But there are several apps on Facebook that you can use for this. The two I have the most experience with both have quirks.
  • Networked blogs  - will feed anything with an RSS feed to your personal or fan page wall. The downside is... I find it to be a popularity contest. You have to either post some code on your page (impossible on Etsy / Artfire) or get 10 friends to confirm you as the author of your feed. They can also delay the feed based on how many followers you have... which sucks! 
  • RSS Graffiti - will also feed any RSS feed to your wall or fan page. This one can be trickier to set up and it does have posting errors from time to time but...it's not a popularity contest. 
For the record, I use twitterfeed to feed my listings and blog to twitter, RSS grafiti feeds all my blogs and new listings to my fan page and I still have Networked blogs set up to feed my listings and blogs to my personal page. 

So now, you have some content for your wall but you should also make shopping easier so that your fans can shop from your fan page. There are shopping cart and payment apps right on Facebook but, you can also link to the shops you already have!

Artfire has step by step instructions for this on their site. NOTE: if you had the Artfire app installed on your page before 12/1/2011, you will find it has stopped worked due to an upgrade. Simply go to your fan page / Artfire tab and enter your shop name and the upgrade will work!

Etsy, as always, makes things just a bit more difficult.  But there is a My Etsy app for your fan page as well. Click on "Add to My Page" and it will walk you through the steps. It may be helpful to have three tabs open: My Etsy app, your actual Etsy shop, and your Fan Page.

*** Summary***

  1. Utilize photo albums on your fan page.
  2. Create a custom landing page.
  3. Feed all your shop listings to your fan page wall.
  4. Add tabs for your Etsy / Artfire shops.
Get busy!!! Next week... getting those LIKES!


galla15 said...

Really great tips! I have had a lot of success with my fan page when I keep up with it. It is very effective where a person can easily contact their target market! I had good success with facebook ads to help build my fan page with true fans.

Jessica said...

Great tips!! I need to work more on my fan page but it has been hard to keep up with lately! Hopefully after Christmas I can get a move on with it!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Nice tips but I do not have fan page.. good luck with yours.

Kandy Disenos said...

Great advice! I´m going to make that in my facebook page too :) thanks!!

Have an awsome day! :D

Susie Tenzer said...

what's your fan pg? I just replaced my profile photo (pic of me) w/a photo of my artwork, another good way to get your items out there.

Jill Q said...

More great information ... I'll add the link to the USEFUL LINKS and Information thread. Thanks, Hollyღ

Michelle said...

Great tips!

ElfRenee said...

Great information! I need to get started with facebook eventually!

Lexiekinprints said...

Great information!