Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still Creating...Just Not with Beads!

Whew! What an absolutely nutty week last week was! I was busy and creating every day...just not always with beads!

  • I had a large wholesale wood mounted stamp order that took THREE 12 - 18 hours days.
  • This was interrupted by a product rollout at the restaurant chain that I make food safe rubber stamps for. Every day last week, my work -day was interrupted by overnight rush orders. 
  • My personal favorite head - shaker of the week: Shipping a $4 item overnight at a cost of  25 bucks! And I had shipped an overnight order to the same location the day before! If you wonder why corporate America is in the toilet... I would say it's lack of foresight and planning!
  • Taught a crazy kumihimo class! I love watching people "get it!" Photos on that next week!
  • Had a cookie class cancel and suddenly rebook when more people signed up. Had to cram three days of prep into ONE! 
  • In all the crazy hours I worked last week, I still got in one torch session...but only made boobies to fill custom orders... sigh! 
Since I have nothing beady to show... Here's a pic of my work table:

Praying this week is just a little calmer!

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Patrice of Shepherd Creations said...

So glad to hear you're this busy, yay for work!!! :)