Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do Your Listings Meet Your Buyer's Needs

I've been giving Etsy another shot these last two weeks. Several reasons for this... I feel that my sales on Artfire have been due to my own promotion more so than something Artfire has done for me. And several of my fellow Fire Divas have joined some more aggressive promo teams on Etsy and have seen results.

After two weeks, I'm shocked at my sales... OK... that I've had more than one sale - three actually. And one customer went to my glass bead site and bought something there too! Whooo Hooo! It feels good to be noticed and not feel like you must be making the ugliest beads in the world.

Because the promo team takes all kinds of sellers...not just glass bead makers... it's opened up a whole new world on Etsy for me. And made me rethink a few things.

While tweeting links for my team members, I inevitably see nice things I would like to buy if I had some money coming in. And I'm just as amazed at info I want as a buyer that's missing.

I saw a cake platter that would fit right in with decor at the niece's wedding... The photo was beautiful but... there was no sense of size or scale. No where in the listing did it say how tall it was or the width of the platter. I had to read the mandatory materials listing to find what it was made of... and yes, I could've convo'd the seller... but I was busy... and she lost a sale.

As someone who only dabbles in jewelry, I'm amazed at how many jewelry listings I see... and just as many have dark or out of focus photos. Your photo is your best chance to sell your piece... if a buyer can't look at it and be intrigued enough to read the listing... how is it going to sell??

It's made me go back at retake some pictures and recheck my listings for sizes and any other info a buyer might need.  Which of the photos below do you like better??


Sewinggranny - Mona said...

How true... photos are the only way a buyer can judge our crafts on line.. they need to be good.

Linda B said...

Aw, I like both photos. Feel naughty for not taking some of mine again. Good observations.

Symbolic Imports said...

I like the first photo. I think clean, sleek white backgrounds look more appealing to the buyer, but I've also heard that it's best to take photo's in natural light.

You are definitely right, I believe that the photo sells itself. Then our buyers read the descriptions, etc...and it just ties it all together.

IsabellesAttic said...

I'm glad you joined the promo team :o). It really dose make a difference !

Kandy Disenos said...

True! Photos are really important! I work with jewelry too and sometimes it´s difficult to take the "perfect photo."
Between the two photos that you posted at the end, I prefer the one with white background, it´s a more clean image. I don´t like too much the jewelry in my hands because in a close-up all the lines of the hand appears in the photo... my eyes go to that point, I don´t know why!! But this is a problem that I have haha ;)

rooee said...

yes I like the first photo too! glad you are getting some sales. :)

nangatesdesigns said...

Photos, and descriptions(!), are so important. I am trying to work on both. I like your first photo against the clean, white background. It really shows off the jewelry.

Katie - ToyStoryNutty said...

Pictures are the MOST important part - I agree. Being part of a team that works hard for YOU and for each other really helps. Welcome to the team.

Lostlemonade said...

Okay, I like the lighting in the second and cleanness of the first

galla15 said...

I am so glad you love the promo team and are seeing results.

I like picture #1.
Several reasons... I think you can get a lot of exposure from treasuries... and Etsy generally looks for treasuries that have similar backgrounds for a cohesive collection. The plain white seems to attract more curators.

So glad you joined the team and are seeing results!

ElfRenee said...

Very true! Your photos are beautiful!