Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Plot Thickens!

Welp! After I left her negative feedback and cc'd her on my letter to Etsy, (in yesterday's post) all kinds of sellers (including ones I KNOW) have come out of the woodwork to tell me of similar experiences. I did NOT OUT her... against Etsy policy. People can guess who she is! What a rep!!! The plot gets thicker still but, I'll get to that in a moment.

I love how - once I open my big mouth - others speak up! Am I just an enabler or an inciter??? The other thing I've learned is that many sellers are afraid to ding someone like this with negative feedback for fear of buyer returning the favor.  I say, right is right - negative feedback be damned! Does anyone even look at it until it's too late anyway????

And while one person commented that this is the sellers fault... that maybe I shouldn't come down on Etsy, I do agree. People like this have impulse control issues and yes, that is the buyer's problem. Which makes it the seller's issue. Still another seller wrote to me, "Etsy owns the country club. We just get to play there."

That's part of the problem. Etsy makes money either way. But until they give sellers more control over our shops and who we want to do business with, Etsy will never be great!

I hate to point out the behemoth Ebay, but back in the day when you didn't have to sort through tons of Chinese crap to find good lampwork (always, always search "sra" when shopping there!), even they realized that sellers didn't want to be hassled by "problem" buyers. There, you have the option of not selling to people with no feedback, negative feedback or to block an user entirely. I blocked a number buyers on my account there who cheated my friends. This feature is the BEST thing I can say about Ebay.

And now, back to our plot: After all of my letter writing and being contacted through out the day by other wronged sellers, SHE PAID ME! Instant payment, OK to ship!

Do I dare take bets on whether or not she asks for a refund???

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Linda said...

I don't know if the buyer has a time limit when requesting a refund, but, I wouldn't release any refunds until you get the merchandise back in the same condition in which it was sent. This sounds like the same type of person who plants a hair on their plate and brings it to the server's attention after they have eaten over 1/2 of the meal, and demanding a refund.