Monday, November 15, 2010

New Holiday Sweet Treats

I started making beads to make desserts for my food shows.  It was great to have a little high end impulse purchase near the register when chefs and cake decorators had spent a weekend or more dedicated to their business. They would get so excited to see my cupcakes, cakes and candy glass beads.

They are still some of my favorite beads to make! I list all my holiday stuff on Artfire first these days. It just seems best to get the time sensitive stuff out there where it will get the most views. These are my latest cake beads:

I sort of miss doing food shows... not the WORK but I do miss the joy I would see on a foodie's face when they saw the jewelry I made.

And this has me thinking about marketing... Do you market to any one specific group of people???

I have a friend who loves to scuba dive and her beads reflect that passion. Some of her best sales come from scuba / fish shows! Yet another loves making buttons and focuses on quilt and fabric shows.

Have you ever thought of specializing in this way???

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