Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a Yart Sale!

Team ESST on Etsy is hosting the Annual Yart Sale. I just did a very quick Yart search and found over 23,000 (!!!!!!!!) items on sale today through June 14th!

First, what is "Yart?" Yard + Art = Yart! Handmade items all on sale!

I'm offering 15% off all Holly's Folly items in my Etsy shop. AND... if you make a purchase on both Etsy and Holly's Folly, I'll give you 20% off! Purchase any three items for FREE SHIPPING!!!

I know that many of my Fire Diva's Friends are participating too! Just go to and search for "Fire Divas Yart."

Come on over to Etsy and check it out.

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