Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Buyers Group

Well, when last I left you, I was getting ready for a trunk show. It was most disappointing...What a huge flustercluck Facebook has made of it's event pages!!!

Event pages "used" to be the way to host a trunk show. It was great! You created an album of goods, put links on the first page/ main post. When people clicked, there was a lovely overview album. Here's a screen shot of an old trunk show album:

You got an overview of EVERY photo that was clickable. But on the new events pages, when you click the link, it looks like you are on the same have to scroll down to see the post you are looking for. When you do, this is what you see:

 Look at that... FOUR whopping preview pictures. While those four links are clickable, the other 31 photos have be looked at page by page by page...ugh. So tedious. But that's not all... on the old event pages, when someone commented on a show interest or to buy, that photo was brought out on the main event page. So customers popping in could see what others were interested in and buying. It created excitement! Now, a comment does nothing to the front event page. You look at it and nothing changes! Something had to give...

Luckily groups on Facebook still work the same way the old event pages did... so... I have a buyer's group now! Ugh!

I will introduce new works there, have specials and sales and it will be the location of my future trunk shows.

So, come join won't you??? As an introductory special, I'm having a 30% inventory reduction sale!

Holly's Folly Glass Buyers Group

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