Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fresh Glass 2.11.15

So I finally got to use my XL Moonwalk... I was surprised that it's fairly easy to use! I'm keeping one of those and have a set planed for the other. I also tried out the MultiMax on the purple and blue bead... while I love what it does to the ends, overall I'm not in love with it! I need it to be MUCH longer!  I kept having to go back to my old Arrow Springs marver... but I seriously want one that's like 7" long! That's where I want to go!

A set of April ribs and a glass paci in spring colors. I wished I had left the frit unmelted on the I'll probably re-do....sigh!

And the big hole bead leading yesterday's post??? They are still here! I ran across them yesterday! I've sold off so many parts of that set, I don't know which is which apparently! 

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