Monday, April 28, 2014

Homeless Bead Placements

Last week's beads that found good homes:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fresh Glass At Last!

These are the results of several torch sessions. I've been working on silver glass and a huge memorial bead...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Goodbye Sweet Beadies!

More homeless beads placed this week! So happy to have a few sales. I didn't work it too hard as I've been teaching A LOT! Six out of the last 7 days. Today is my first day in 8 that I didn't have somewhere to be very early in the day and I'm enjoying a cuddle with the pupster, a second cup of joe and just a relaxed morning! Hoping to torch today and should have some fresh glass pics in a day or so! 

 I should mention a second Facebook market has opened called Lampwork Bead Market. If you have a lot of inventory as this beadmaker does, it's nice to have two places to list as they both limit you to one auction every 24 hours (unlimited Buy It Nows but who gets those???).

These glass beads are sold... but I have plenty more available! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Beads Finding Good Homes

I'm really loving Lampwork Beads For Sale. I had a record number of sales last week! And one of my customers from there found my website and ordered more! YAY!

Here are all the beads that found homes last week! Whooo Hooo!!! I'm so happy!


Please check my fan page for my current listings on Facebook!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quickie Auction For FANS!

Well, it appears my selling streak on Lampwork for Sale is over... This gorgeous set didn't find a home! Handsculted shells / handpulled murrini...

So... I'm having an auction on my fan page with an even lower start!

Check it out here

Monday, April 7, 2014

Custom Work

Now that tax time if finally put to bed, I'm having to catch up on my custom work.

I sold  a seashell on Lampwork Beads For Sale. My customer wanted me to wire wrap it. Here it is, ready to go:

My college bestie's daughter, who I've known since she was a few weeks old, asked me to make a pendant for her best friend. The girls are into the virtual reality game SIMS and wanted a "plumb bob" which is green when a player is active in the game. This is a little simple for my tastes but the girlie seems happy with it:

 I also got to torch a bit and made some prototypes for a memorial glass bead and one little kitty cat. You'll get to see those soon..


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lampwork Beads For Sale - New Facebook Group!

I'm so excited about the sales groups that are popping up on Facebook! I've honestly had more sales there than I have on my own fan page, Etsy or Ebay. (OK, those last two are a joke as Chinese resellers run rampant on both...)

I haven't made a lot of effort as it's tax time and you guys must know by now I go all "radio silent" and don't torch or list much until I'm done! But I've had four sales there in recent weeks... two of them yesterday!

All of these beads have been adopted:

The sellers love saving on sales fees and the buyers love connecting with artists.

And there are now selling page for the jewelry made by the artists of Facebook. It's called Lampwork Beads in Action. You do have to join the groups... It is private to keep out resellers.

There are so many STUNNING BEADS, my head is spinning! Come buy, come sell, come hang out! It's a lively place for glassheads!