Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lampwork Beads For Sale - New Facebook Group!

I'm so excited about the sales groups that are popping up on Facebook! I've honestly had more sales there than I have on my own fan page, Etsy or Ebay. (OK, those last two are a joke as Chinese resellers run rampant on both...)

I haven't made a lot of effort as it's tax time and you guys must know by now I go all "radio silent" and don't torch or list much until I'm done! But I've had four sales there in recent weeks... two of them yesterday!

All of these beads have been adopted:

The sellers love saving on sales fees and the buyers love connecting with artists.

And there are now selling page for the jewelry made by the artists of Facebook. It's called Lampwork Beads in Action. You do have to join the groups... It is private to keep out resellers.

There are so many STUNNING BEADS, my head is spinning! Come buy, come sell, come hang out! It's a lively place for glassheads!

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