Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fresh Glass 11.13.14

I haven't been posting much... you know what they say, when you can't say something nice... Well, it's been a rough month without much nice to say!  Getting ready to shut my life and business down is not easy. Especially when teaching part time, still trying to make and ship orders and...the rental unit catches on fire and I have no insurance. Yes, folks, I am that dumb. Actually, I had to make a brutal choice between an interior policy (knowing my Homeowner's Association carried an exterior policy) and my own health insurance. Clearly not the best decision...but it is what it is.

It's been a struggle to make beads between constant pain and...sales on Facebook have slowed. All the pages feel saturated with sellers and not enough buyers. One of the jewelry groups stopped taking on new sellers this week!  But I have been trying... Also working on smaller focals... SO HARD FOR ME!

I made some red, green and white ribbed bicones for the holidays.. I kept seeing a big purple ball necklace in my head... Not sure these are big enough for the dream I had. A pair of purple ribbed bicones that I hope to wear as earrings over the holidays. And I tried my hand at the bullet shape... and got a cone... Hate that! I have a customer that loves orange, pea and turquoise and I tried them over black... and lost the orange... hate that too! 

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