Monday, September 1, 2014

Dichro Mystery Glass

I got in the habit long ago of digging in the dichroic scrap box whenever I would visit my giant glass supplier. It was an affordable way to have some shiny, sparkly dichro for my students.

When the glass guild I belong to goes down to CBS Dichroic, the manufacturers of the amazing dreamy glass, I would pick up sample bags there. Since I work in all COEs of glass, I'm pretty strict about keeping things separated in the the studio.

A few weeks back, I found this lovely piece of silver and I was just in the mood for silver and black. It was in a bag of 104 from CBS. I made a wonderful bead... and it was in pieces on the floor of the kiln!

I started to question myself... where did the glass come from? Could it have been placed in the wrong bag?? So I made a 90 COE bead and... same thing!

It was now a joke and a mystery to solve. So I made the above 96 bead (using the last of that annoying silver!) and it was not in pieces when I took it out of the kiln! But pieces of it crumbled off when I removed it from the mandrel!

Knowing full well I've never bought any 33 they even make that??... I just wrote it off to experience with no bead to show. I do wish I had a piece of silver dichro that would actually work though...

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