Monday, June 9, 2014

Vet Relief Trunk Show!

I incurred a huge vet bill the day Mabel got sick. More than I make in TWO months! And I've been so deep in grief, I haven't been making beads or listing.

One my pet blogger friends decided to host an auction on my behalf and gathered donations from blogville and that goes live tomorrow. There are lots of pet themed items there! The auction is HERE.

That got me in gear... I make stuff... I should donate to my own benefit, right??? Well, as my luck goes, my favorite sales venue for in person sales burned to the ground on Mother's Day! And as I'm not teaching as much anymore... no students and they lay you off! I've decided to liquidate my show stock to pay off the vet!

The show is LIVE NOW!  Categories and links are as follows:

***BEADS*** are here:

***NECKLACES*** are here:

***EARRINGS*** are here:

***BRACELETS***are here:

***GIFTS*** are here:

Come shop and help with the vet bill if you can!!! 

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