Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fresh Glass 3.21 | Bittids

I finally feel as if I'm breaking my dry spell. There really is no substitute for parking my rear behind a torch and "just doing it!" Yesterday was productive and dare I say it??? Yes! Fun!  I finished two custom focal orders and got to play a bit... that weird one on the right will the be the subject of a future post!

I haven't been around much on this site and I thought I'd just give you a few Bittids* as to what's taking up my time besides trying to torch.
(*One of my dyslexic brain's favorite words!)

  • I've been busy dealing my with about to be 90 year old mother. She lives far away and needs to move here and my sister's death has been a wake up call for both of us regarding  "taking care of business." 
  •  I have TWO new websites in the works! One is live and one is still working out the kinks. 
  • I've moved all my rubber stamping posts to the new live blog Food Safe Rubber Stamping. I realized the stamping posts were cluttering up my first love here and... there have a been a few "chefs" (quotes because they don't give a ____ if they get people sick!) spreading misinformation. So if you enjoyed those posts, you'll want to follow over there. I only anticipate one post a week...
  • I'm building a new beading site for glass bead makers and jewelry designers to promote one another. I'm hoping to go live with it in another week... stay tuned for details! 
  • The taxes are FINALLY done but I need to start spring cleaning! My mess is making me nuts! 
  • My pup is sick and needs surgery and my sales have been slow so I have 50 craft, memorabilia, collectible, Jewelry and BEAD auctions going on ebay. I will post more on that over the weekend. In the meantime, here's the link to all the auctions.
  • Be sure to check in tomorrow for Fashion Friday! I have a really fun color combo in the works!

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