Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Accident

I picked up a rod of black yesterday to do a color test with some high silver frit yesterday. I thought the black was being "strange" - bubbling and such. But some blacks to that for me... I forged ahead. Suddenly, I realized I had not made that rather large base bead of black but out of an oh-so-pricey silver glass.

I kicked myself a few times as I pondered what to do with that bead in my flame... Well, I was going to experiment... let's see what the two silver glasses do together. Oh, did I squeal as the colors bloomed! I loved that bead!
Hard to believe these beads use mostly the same glass!

So I set out to make a HUGE version only using actual black as my base. I added lots of dots and stringers of that first silver glass and then the frit.... and you know what happened?? NOTHING. I made a big turd! A really big piece of caca... Over an hour in the flame and  I hate the bead....Some people may like it...but I don't... ARGH.

So today will be spent trying to figure out how to recreate the "not caca" bead.

I thought I was show off a pendant I made. I had the bead in my pocket last weekend while teaching wire wrap and one of my students asked about working with larger beads. I whipped it out and made a pendant. This gal will be listed next week in my glass bead jewelry section of the website.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!

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