Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Happened....

The spammers have found me. I could understand it on my Creekhiker blog - I talk of politics and have an opinion on everything over there from movies to cake. But here...this was supposed to be for the tiny little bead community. So I didn't require comment approval.

But after an older post was hit last night, that's it, I'm done! From now on, all comments will be approved until Blogger figures out that blog authors really need a Delete comment* button.

For the record, I don't care if someone disagrees with me. However, you will not use my blog to spew filth, bigotry or to advertise something that I'm not paid for. So there... I do apologize to the few of you that do make comments for the inconvenience.


*The best way to delete an unwanted comment on blogger??? Go into the Edit post section, hit the EDIT button by the name of the old post, select the html tab, copy contents and make note of the original publication date and time by hitting the arrow next to POST OPTIONS.

Hit the CREATE link. Select the HTML tab, paste your contents.

Hit arrow next to POST OPTIONS and type in your old publication time and date. Hit SAVE NOW.

If you had comments you wanted to save... this is a little trickier. They won't appear as comments any more but they can be posted as part of the blog. Below my content, I type COMMENTS:

Working under the COMPOSE link, I make this bold and Larger.

I open a new tab and go the spammed post comment section. I copy the "good" comments and simply paste them back into the post, omitting the spammer's post.

Don't forget to tag your post. Save as a draft - this allows you to tell the good post from the bad one. Get back to the EDIT posts section. Find the bad post. It will have the same title but one will say DRAFT and one should have comments beside it. DELETE the one with comments.

Go back into the draft and publish. Voila... your original post is back, good comments mostly intact and bad comment gone forever!

In case you are wondering which post got spammed or what the final re-do looks like: Go here.

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