Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strange Dreams

Where DOES the time go??? Anyway...I was chatting about strange dreams in my last bead post. I wanted to tell you all a bit about this strange guy:

He was the result of a dream too. I've always been fascinated with octopi. And the thought of making an octopus bead was intriguing on one hand but seemed wasteful on the other. Wasteful??? Yes! Many lampworkers will make a gorgeous bead for the octopus to sit on but I get so annoyed at how much of that fabulous bead gets covered by the tentacles.

I knew if I were to make an octopus on a bead, the base bead would just HAVE to be simpler. And then a heart popped into my head....one of my favorite shapes that can lent itself to both simple and complicated techniques.

So there you have it: a simple red heart, add some tentacles of my favorite rich gray glass and then fill in the details of the critter. I think he's rather cute and one of the few beads that came out just how I dreamed of him!

Hanging on to Love is available on my website.

I have some news and "should" be posting a bit more this week...

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