Monday, January 19, 2009

My New Must Have Tool

I'm a tool hound....always have been. I grew up in a construction and contracting family. Every one of my uncles and my mom all believed in the right tool for the right job. I have more tools than many men I have dated!

I usually don't expound upon lampworking tools...there are so many out there... some are great and some are WAY over priced if you have a clue where to shop!

But I have a new favorite. Something I can't live without and must share! Here it is:

Looks like it belongs in the bathroom, doesn't it? It does... it is the cheapest waterpik I could find.

And how does this help with lampworking??? I had an idea that it may help with cleaning my hollow beads. I adore making huge hollow beads and get really frustrated at how long it takes to remove the mandrel poop from inside the bead. Sometimes I leave the beads in soak and work on them every time I come in the kitchen... it can take days!

But not with my new best friend! It took me less than five minutes! Brilliant!

1 comment:

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

What a brilliant idea and tool...

I don't do lampwork yet, but one day when I have enough pennies saved, I'll sure use your tip.