Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Creativity Takes a Vacation...

I have no creativity left in me bead wise. What seemed an endless fount of ideas when I first got my torch has dried up and filled with ...nothing! I seem to be paralyzed by fear. Fear that I'm wasting my time - making yet another bead that won't sell or not looking for a job that will actually support me.

As my stamp business started to decline, I had hoped bead making would pick up the slack. But it hasn't. Truth be told, I've hardly sold any beads online. My sales are much better in person for some reason, yet with my handicapped feet and back...I physically can't do many shows.

And with the time it takes to photograph beads, write the code for a website and get beads listed on line... I feel like my time would be better spent looking for a job.

I've always just made beads I like, hoping that some designer would have a similar tastes. I've never liked cute little sets and they are a struggle for me to make. And when I start worrying about what sells what little creativity I felt when I turned on the torch seems to evaporate.

I don't have any answers...I just keep looking for work every day...


susan said...

Oh dear, you sound kinda blue!
Its tough for all of us out there.
Ebay is not very good anymore. I still use it to find new customers for the website, which is still doing well. We are all worried...but,
Keep working on the beads you love, and your customers will find you.

CreekHiker said...

Susan, I AM! The desperation I feel NEEDING a job ASAP after 7 years of working from home is so frightening. I really can't even think of torching until I know I've landed an income source!

Thanks for your kind words - - They are so appreciated!